We Need Land!

by Loretta

We desire to farm/homestead dearly. We breed beagles and I want to homeschool our two children. We love to work land and are excited to raise a large family. My parents and brother will join us. Please can you help us find a large piece of land to do this??? God Bless

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Finding Land Cheap
by: Sue Merriam

Hello Loretta,

I don't know where you live, but your best bet on finding land at a reasonable price is in a rural area. Usually, the farther it is from a large city, the more reasonable the price is. You can earn land through homesteading, but generally, these properties are in small towns looking for people to move in.

For an acreage, your best bet is to find land in a relatively remote area.

My husband and I met in Denver. It's a lovely city, but was a bit overcrowded for us. I remarked to a friend one day, "I want to move someplace cold and ugly that no one else is moving to."

She laughed and said, "Move to South Dakota. Nobody wants to live there." She was wrong on one point: South Dakota isn't ugly at all, it is quite beautiful, but it is cold! Because it is more a rural area with fewer people living there, (804,000 people live in the entire state) property is much more reasonable. We bought an older but roomy four bedroom house in a small town that cost in the high twenty-thousand range.

Of course, you must be willing to relocate to another state, which not all people are willing to do. But the key with real estate cost is location will invariably determine the price.

You should also consider foreclosures. If you have a location in mind, search the county records for lis pendens (it means pending notice of legal action). These are filed after three or more mortgage payments have not been paid. The legal section of newspapers will also tell you the properties that are being foreclosed, along with the lien amounts and sale dates. Also check the multiple listing service in your area to see the bank-owned properties for sale.

Here's hoping you'll be on your own land soon!

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