raising goats organically

by robin

We are planning on raising goats as soon as we can get the fencing up. I don't like the idea of pumping the animals full of so many drugs(dewormers) and spending the money on the vaccinations takes the whole money raising purpose away. I understand that they are sometimes needed but I have also read that there are alternatives. I have read that apple cider vinegar, when added to their water in small amounts, can aid in keeping stomach worms down. Also, leaving a small amount of baking soda out for the goats to eat as they want can aid in the reduction of bloating. What is your opinion on/experience with this? Any information is appreciated!

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by: Susan W

Hi Robin,

I absolutely agree that there are more natural alternatives to ridding critters of intestinal parasites. Oil of Oregano, and more importantly essential oil of oregano is a great combatant to intestinal parasites.

Add a few drops of the oil of oregano or the essential oil to the goats water daily. You can also add eight to ten drops of the essential oil of oregano to a carrier oil such as olive oil and add it to the back of your goats.

Hope this helps.

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