question about venting batteries

by wes conard
(san francisco)

Hi Rick:

Just bought your ebook. very well written and informative. I have a question: don't you have to vent the batteries? I thought they gave off hydrogen, which is bad. Thanks. _W

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Feb 23, 2013
by: Ric

Good point! I have seen batteries explode because of built up hydrogen! In my experience this has only happened with non-maintenance free batteries that have not had water added to them, the hydrogen builds up in the battery, a spark occurs between the plates during a charge cycle and boom! The battery box we recommend is vented and maintenance free. Batteries produce very small amounts of hydrogen which is not toxic and not hazardous in a living space.

That being said, I would never recommend keeping any wet cell battery in a non-vented box. Every large capacity battery bank I have seen is in a well vented room or separate building. My Mom has had her backup under her computer desk for years now with no problems. Never "bury" this or any other electrical device in a closet, under clothes, papers or any flammable materials! Coffee makers, Glade plug-ins, and cheap extension cords cause enough electrical fires already due to neglect. I do not want our lil solar back-up to ever be any kind of hazard, so please always use with caution. ;)

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