Lovingly in Northern Maine

Can you still buy a cabin and land under $50,000 in northern Maine?

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As for me, I'll go to Texas.
by: Mike

Sue gave you a very good answer, but she left some things out. Land is cheaper in Oklahoma and Texas. People are probably great in Maine, but I know they are great in Oklahoma and Texas. And it does not have near the snow and ice.

Buying Land in Maine
by: Sue Merriam

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can answer that, as: A. I don't live in Maine, I live in Oklahoma; and B. I'm not a real estate agent. But hopefully, I can give you some advice as to how to find that out and possibly find/build a low-cost home in Maine.

As for land, generally, the farther away from the city you get, the lower the price. Most people need to work at a job, so if you can get by with an at-home job, or you are willing to make a longer commute for a few years, you could buy land that is much cheaper. Where I live, if you are willing to drive about an hour one way to work, the land is much more affordable. That may be different in Maine.

Also, if you are willing to live in a used mobile home, or if you are willing to build your own home using cordwood, straw bales or other affordable materials, you could get your home for much less.

To get an idea of how much land in Maine is going for, go to your search engine and type in "Land in Maine". Real estate agents frequently list the properties they have for sale online.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your search for a home in Maine!

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