Living Independent

We are looking to buy some property and set up to live on our own. We need to know everything. How much property...setting up camp. We want to live without electricity and no staples from off of our land.

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Start Gradually
by: Sue Merriam

Your ambition is admirable, but as with any lifestyle, it is better to gradually ease into it. Start out by learning to cook from scratch, start a garden if possible, and cut back on expenses. That way you can save money for land somewhere. Cut back on expenses even further by learning how to build your own home.

Many appliances can be hand operated, including this blender

As for living without electricity, it is better, and more affordable to ease into that as well. Start out by building a solar powered generator to power some lights or appliances, and then gradually ease into acquiring more and more solar panels.

The same goes with your appliances. There are many hand-operated appliances out there, including hand-operated grain mills, hand operated radios, and even an hand-operated blender.

As for meat and food production, raising chickens is a great place to start. Goats are also good for meat and milk, and a couple of hives of bees will provide honey and keep your garden and orchard pollinated.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


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