Homesteading research

by Kimberley Battersby Russell
(Manhattan, Kansas)

I am an avid homesteader, from a line of urban homesteaders. I am going through college, and my major is agriculture. I am trying to compose a thesis on the beauty of homesteading and small-scale agriculture.

Throughout your years of homesteading, what opposition have you faced? What direction is best for me to go in to find those who are against homesteading, and argue against it? Whether it is an organization or an article, I would like to see what others are negatively saying about homesteading and natural living. Thank you for your time.

-Kimberley Battersby Russell

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Opposition to Homesteading?
by: Sue Merriam


I haven't come across any opposition to homesteading. Homesteading - or at least the definition I use - is simple living, cutting back on costs, and learning to be more self-sufficient. All of these traits are a benefit to society as a whole rather than a detriment. We are producing our own goods, so we are using up less of the general supplies, leaving more for others. We are getting off the grid, which means less of a tax on the power grid.

We prepare for emergencies by storing up food, so when there is a crisis, we aren't at the grocery store stocking up on extra supplies, again leaving more for others.

Because we live off the land, we tend to be more concerned about the environment than most. We avoid waste.

So to be honest with you, I can't imagine why anyone would argue against homesteading., but there are all kinds of folks out there, and I'm sure there's bound to be someone opposed to homesteading. I just haven't run into them yet.

Good luck with your research, and sorry I couldn't be more help.

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