Growing Indoors?

by Suzannah

I was wondering if you might be able me out. I am very new to this; however, after seeing the effect of foods, etc. on children and adults from all the sprayers, etc. they use on food and stuff they put into plastic containers worries me.

I am middle a aged female, who not to long ago sold her home. I want to know if I can grow food inside? I have grandchildren I want to teach as well. I have some outdoor space to put pots or planters. I have no idea how to go about this! Any help at all and support groups in my situation would be wonderful. thank you and have a blessed day.

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try aquaponics inside with t5 lights
by: luvandpeas aquaponics

you can do this easy contact my freind Jon at

aquaponics is easy and substainable

Growing Indoors is Indeed Possible
by: Sue Merriam

You're wise to want to grow your own food. These days, what with genetically modified foods (GMO's), pesticides and BPA in canned foods, our bodies can become overloaded with poisonous toxins even if we are trying to eat right. That's why learning to garden and produce our own food any way we can is so crucial.

You can indeed grow food inside, although you will probably need to purchase a good grow light unless you have a greenhouse window or an exceptionally large window. With proper lighting, you can either grow your plants in containers or by use of a hydroponics system.

If you want to grow a container garden outside, you'll find you have a wide range of choices as to the type of container you use. Just make sure that whatever container you use has good drainage. Also use good quality potting soil.

Add nutrients to the soil by piling on the organic matter. It will both keep out the weeds and slowly break down to feed your soil. You can also keep composting worms in your kitchen (yep, I said worms!). Worms break down your kitchen waste and provide you with wonderful nutrients for your plants.

By the way, it's great you are planning to teach gardening to your children. You are passing on a legacy that will bless them for years to come. You can read how an attorney used the skills he acquired as a child to survive in later life here.

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