grinding mills for wheat and coffee

by Aaronah
(Galloway, Ohio)

I'm new to this, and I just started planting my garden and I expanded, with coffee plants and will order wheat.

Where's a good place to find a coffee grinder - even an old fashion one where it's ground by hand?

And where can I find a wheat germ grinder? (is that what you call it) I prefer ones that don't use electricity.

Also where is a good place to get wheat?

And is good for rice?

Do I need anything for rice? Like a mill? Sorry so many questions.

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Coffee Mills, Grain Mills and Wheat
by: Sue Merriam

First of all, congratulations on starting your garden! That's the first step to self sufficiency. And you?re growing coffee beans. Wow! If you get a chance, please let us know how it works out.

As far as an old fashioned coffee grinder, you can find one for a fairly reasonable price at Lehmans. Here's the link.

Also, a good hand grain mill (one that will grind both wheat germ and rice) is the Back to Basics 555 Grain Mill. But be aware that the hand mill is slow work. It's excellent for grinding corn or rice, but if you plan to make bread on a regular basis, you might want to invest in both the hand mill (for corn, rice and emergency power outages), and a grain mill for every day. I love my BlendTec Kitchen Mill - Grain and Flour Mill. But there are other excellent ones out there, such as the Nutri Mill grain mill.

Buying Wheat

As far as buying wheat goes, try to buy locally, if you can, to save on shipping. My state has a food coop; yours might as well. Go online and check. Wheat Montana grows an excellent wheat that is more nutritious than other wheat grains. They also have dealers throughout the country, so check here to see if they have a dealer in your area.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard of Reimer Seeds. I haven't tried to grow coffee! But perhaps another reader has? If so, we'd appreciate it if you'd share your knowledge!

Thanks for writing in, and happy homesteading!

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