Goat manger measurements

by Amy
(Alfred, Maine)

I love the info on your website! I especially like the article on the goat hay feeder design - great pics! For Nigerian Dwarf does - what distance do you leave between the bars? I don't have my girls yet so I don't know how wide their heads are! You also say the platform must be too narrow for them to stand on - how narrow is this?

Amy (homesteading off-grid in Maine)

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Here are the Measurements
by: Sue Merriam

First of all, thanks so much for your kind words about my site! I went out and measured the heads of my goats, and our one purebred Nigerian dwarf goat has a head that is about five inches wide. The width between the bars on our feeder is about four and a half inches and the stand is about the same width.

Something you could also consider doing (which we didn't do) is to place the slats or bars at a 65 degree angle. That way your goats have to turn their heads at an angle to get at the hay.

Goats have a bad habit of grabbing a mouthful of hay and then pulling away to chew it, allowing a good portion of the hay to spill onto the ground where they then refuse to touch it. But with the bars at an angle, they can't pull their heads out without getting knocked on the ears, so within a few days they learn to keep their heads in the trough until they have finished eating.


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