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by Beth

My husband and I are making plans to become totally self-sufficient within the next year. We know this will be a HUGE change and we want to be totally prepared.

Our #1 step will be to buy our own property. My question is: Is it best to just live where you want, or try to find others who are living the same lifestyle? And what would be your #1 tip for someone getting started?

Thank you! I have really enjoyed your website!

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Buying Land and Getting Started
by: Sue Merriam


An ideal location would be about twenty miles from an urban setting. That way you are close enough to drive into town for supplies and/or a job but far enough away that should a disaster strike - such as an EMP or rioting from a dollar collapse - you are not within walking distance from an urban locale and be troubled by looters.

Other than that, however, the sky's the limit as to where you can live. Naturally, it must be a piece of property you can afford. I would look for a piece of land that had plenty of trees (timber) as well as a cleared area for your home and for growing food. If you had a stream or pond on your property, that would be even better, but that is not always possible.

As far as finding others who share your passion for homesteading, move to the country and you will soon find others who love the self reliant life (as well as neighbors who just want to be left in peace). You can't always get the perfect neighbors, but you can work to be a good neighbor yourself. Be friendly, and you will likely find good helpful neighbors in your area, no matter where you live.

As far as ways to get started, the most crucial thing to do is cut back on expenses. Learn to cook from scratch, and start gardening to cut back on grocery costs and add loads of nutrition to your diet. Invest in a flock of chickens and even consider keeping bees for your own healthy source of meat and honey.

Homesteading is a passion best pursued step by step rather than dive in all at once. Celebrate the victories, don't be too hard on yourself when you occasionally fail and enjoy the journey.

Thanks for your kind words about my site and happy homesteading!


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