I live in Elsmere Kentucky. I don't own my home, i am renting, i was wanting to know if I'm allowed to have a rooster and a couple hens for egg purposes, could you get me some more info on this? thanks

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Contact Your City Office
by: Sue Merriam

Anytime you live in the city, you will need to check with the city ordinance to see if chickens are allowed. Just call the city office or check online. Generally, if you live in town, roosters will not be allowed as they crow and tend to annoy some people. (I personally like to hear my rooster crow, but not everyone feel the same ;-)).

Also, because you are renting, you will need to check with your landlord to make sure it is okay to keep chickens in your backyard. One way to persuade your landlord is to promise you will keep your hens in a chicken tractor. That way, instead of confining your hens to one area, you are moving them daily so that they build the lawn rather than destroy it.

As for your specific town, I looked up the Elsmere City Ordinance (they are almost always available online for every town in the country). From what I could find, the ordinance doesn't refer to chickens or livestock specifically, but I did find the following:

(A)     No person shall keep or maintain any animal in the city in such a manner so as to become a public nuisance or to disturb the peace comfort, or health of any person residing within the city.  The keeping of all animals within the city shall also be subject to all pertinent regulations of the City of Elsmere Code of Ordinances and the Kentucky Health Department.

(B)     No animal shall be kept on any lot or parcel of land or property within the city territorial limits consisting of less then ten thousand (10,000) square feet in area.  However, this provision shall not apply to small household pets, such as dogs or cats, or those animals kept or maintained for commercial purposes, which is a lawful use under the Zoning Code.

While you can't take my word as the gospel on this and you cannot take it as legal advice, to the best of my understanding, you won't be able to keep a rooster, as that is considered a nuisance to some folks, but you can keep hens so long as:

1. You live on a lot that is at least 10,000 square feet in area; and

2. You regularly keep the area free of manure.
So, to sum it up:

If you check with your landlord and he/she approves of your keeping chickens, and if you don't have rooster, and if you keep your hens in a chicken tractor, move it daily, and spray down the manure with a hose each day, you should be fine.

Hope this helps, and happy homesteading!

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