Chicken in a Chicken Tractor

by Sandra
(Lunenburg, VT)

Where do you put the chickens in the tractor in the winter? I am in Vermont.

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Your Chickens Will be Fine in the Tractor
by: Sue Merriam

Hi Sandra,

I get this question from time to time. For the most part, chickens are tough. They have a layer of fat just under their skin, a layer of down and then feathers to protect them. As long as they are out of the wind, they should do fine in even the coldest of weather.

Drafts are the only thing that may be a problem. What you can do is drape a heavy quilt or blanket over the tractor at night. This should keep the wind out, and they'll do just fine.

You will need to protect their combs, wattle and feet from frost-bite, so apply a thin layer of Vaseline on these areas.

Your chickens should ride through the winter just fine.

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