can you have chickens in elsmere ky

Can you have chickens in elsmere ky?

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KY Chickens
by: Myra

That is a question being asked all over the state. The topic was recently discussed also on Sustainable KY on facebook. The best way to find out is to go to your city's planning and development department to find out the zoning structure of the area you live in. And, then if it is not zoned for agriculture, start asking how that can be changed, circulate a petition beginning in your neighborhood first and try to get your city to work with you. If you live in a more rural area, the restrictions may be less or loosely enforced depending on neighbor complaints. So, having the blessing of your neighbors will go a long way toward your success. The city of Boston recently addressed this issue in an open planning meeting and that can be accessed by going to their city web page. This may be able to be used as an model on how other city's are starting a dialogue toward looking at urban planning in a new way that could be applied here at home.

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