Can goats be housed on ground where chickens have been?

If I have baby goats can they be housed in an area where I raised chicks. Only had chicks there for three months but want to put a permanent goat barn/pasture in the area. Is that harmful to the babies and if so, can an adult goat be housed there instead. If so, at what age is it safe to put goats in that area? The chickens were raised there last summer. Thanks for your help!


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Goats on chicken ground
by: Dareen

Thanks Sue for the info. I have shoveled all the manure out of the barn area and plan to put down a wood floor in the area where I intend to have my maternity ward/baby pen. As far as the yard area is concerned... that is wide and open to the elements so again your comments that time and mother nature has taken care of any problems in that area are most helpful. I am enjoying the baby goats, standard breed which were born and raised in another area, waiting for your reply!! I do have dwarf babies due in a month and they will be born and housed n the new area (so they won't be squashed). Again, thanks so much for your response and help!

Keeping Goats in a Former Chicken Area
by: Sue

It would depend on whether the manure is in a concentrated spot. If it is, it would likely be wise to shovel it out and add it to your compost pile. I hate to think of wasting all that lovely chicken manure anyway. It's the best thing for your garden. ;-)

If there is not that much manure, or if it is spread out over a wide area, it should be fine for keeping goats. Goats usually don't eat things that are lying on the ground (although my goats will eat leaves).

If the chicks were kept there last summer (six months, by my reckoning), the manure should be broken down sufficiently by now to not be a problem.

Enjoy those baby goats!

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