by Meg
(San Diego, CA)

Let me begin by saying how inspirational and insightful your website is to me! I found it by chance and have been reading it fervently ever since (yesterday!).

I currently live in the San Diego metropolis, but have adopted the frugal mentality over the past year. I look forward to owning an acreage one day and am learning as much as I can about self sufficiency in the interim.

My question is in regards to butchering. I know it's not light subject matter, but a necessary part of homesteading. When the time comes, do you butcher your animals, or hire someone else?

Thank you for providing this incredible site!

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Butchering Time
by: Sue Merriam

Hi Meg!

It is possible to butcher your own animals, and many seasoned homesteaders do so. But generally, when you're new to raising animals, the best thing to do is to either take your animals to a processing place or have a processor come to your home instead.

It's always far easier if the processor is willing to come to you, but be aware, you will probably have to get on a waiting list for this to happen. So ask around soon after purchasing your animal for processors who will do this.

As for how to find a processor in your area, you can go online and type in your city plus "meat processing."

The only animals you will have to butcher yourself are the chickens you raise. A good source for instructions on this can be found in Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens: 4th Edition (Storey's Guide to Raising Series), a great resource on keeping chickens.

Thanks so much for your kind comments, and here's hoping you'll be on your own acreage before you know it!

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