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Build Your Own Solar Powered Generator

Never Worry About Power Outages Again!

With your own solar powered generator, you have free electricity for years to come. Whether you live in the country or in town, a solar power generator is a must-have in these uncertain times.

Crucial Backup Power

Whether it's severe weather, ice storms, brownouts or even blackouts, our power grid just isn't as secure as we'd like it to be. Even an ice storm, a virtual certainty in our neck of the woods, can threaten to leave home owners without power for up to two weeks or more.

Plus, hurricanes, ice storms and severe weather are only the natural disasters that threaten your power supply. Civil unrest, terrorist threats and other manmade disasters also threaten your source of electricity.

Think about it: without electricity you wouldn't be able to:
  • Run appliances
  • Run water, especially if you live in the country
  • Turn on the television to find out what's happening
  • Run Lights
  • Run Your Refrigerator or freezer
  • Charge Your Cell Phone and Lap Top
And the list goes on.

Having a source of backup power in an emergency simply makes sense. You could purchase a traditional gas or diesel powered generator, but there are drawbacks to this method, some of them downright dangerous, such as:

A Gas or Diesel Generator Need Fuel - which means you have to store fuel, which can emit dangerous fumes and be a fire hazard. Plus, you can only store gasoline for six months; after that it gets stale and won't work. Twice a year you'll be changing out your gasoline, and if you forget it change it, you're in trouble. Gasoline is also costly, and during a true disaster, fuel will likely be in short supply.

A Gas or Diesel Generator Creates Fumes - these are dangerous, carbon dioxide fumes that threaten your health and even your life. For safety reasons, a gas or diesel generator must be kept outside where it is exposed to the elements, making it hard to maintain and start when you need it.

Fortunately, there's a safe, environmentally friendly alternative that ensures free power for years to come. Better yet, it's more affordable, especially if you build it yourself.

Build Your Own Solar Powered Generator

It's easy to do, if you have the right resource. Our ebook, Build Your Own Solar Powered Generator: Step by Step Instructions for Solar Power at a Fraction of the Cost, will provide you with all the information you need to build your very own power plant at home. It's an affordable way to have electricity on demand when you need it the most.

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No Fuel, No Fumes, No Noise

A solar powered generator is quiet - you won't even know it's there. Plus it runs for years, providing you with electricity when you need it. No more buying and storing gasoline!

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