benefits of learning to depend on self, not government

I am doing a report for writing class on "Cause and Effect". The cause being I'm interested in becoming self reliant and dependent on God instead of the government and the grocery store.

In the event of major disaster I would like to have enough supplies built up for not just ourselves but maybe also a neighbor or my family.

I'd appreciate any info you could provide to steer us in the proper direction. Thank you P&W France

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Being Prepared for Emergencies
by: Sue Merriam

You're smart to pursue this topic not only as an essay, but also in real life. Being prepared is one of the most important things to do in these scary times. The very first thing everyone should do is have enough water in storage for every family member to last them for at least two weeks. Water is the most crucial supply to have on hand and one of the cheapest to store. We bought a plastic, 55-gallon drum from a nearby plastic container supply company. Try to find a local place to buy one of these as shipping is expensive.

Once you have sufficient water on hand, start stocking up on food. One of the best storable foods to have on hand is bulk wheat, because if stored properly, they can last for years. You can grind them for flour to make bread, cook them as a cereal and even grow sprouts for a nutritious vegetable.

Once you have water and bulk grains, stock up on other staples, such as beans, and other foods you like to eat. If you don't have much money, a good rule of thumb is to set aside 10 percent of your grocery money each week for staples. While you're at it, also stock up on fuel, batteries, candles and personal items.

And finally, everyone should have an emergency supply kit on hand, should they have to flee their home for any reason.


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